Sex Problems That Affect Most Couples


Many couples usually come across issues as far as sex life is concerned. Whether it is being too tired or boredom, you need to know that you are not the only couple having such problems. Such problems do not necessarily mean that the relationship is doomed. Being open, honest and willing to make your sex life fun and alive can easily help in solving these problems.

Common sex challenges most couples encounter

Being too tired for sex


There can be times when one of the couples is too drained physically or emotionally to have sex. May be you have lost your job or had a cross country move. Exhaustion may be used however by some people to cover up for laziness. You need to discuss with your partner about your frequency of sex then learn to stick to this schedule to help deal with the dry spell.

Lack of emotional connection

Having sex is considered a pillar of healthy relationships, the emotional connection that sex brings can be depleted if you just have sex for the sake of it. When the emotional connection is lost, then you will not want to have sex with your partner. You can nurture emotional connection by looking into your partner’s eyes when you make love. Sex may feel so empty if you are busy worrying or thinking about other things instead of enjoying the moment. Making eye contact helps you to be in the moment more.

Oral sex

Oral sex can be a difficult road to navigate if you enjoy receiving and giving whereas your partner does not share the enthusiasm. You need to utilize things which enhance your pleasure and make oral sex comfortable for your better half can help you overcome this bedroom problem. For instance of body odor is your issue then you can take a shower together before you start having oral sex.

Different libidos

If you have different libidos, then your sex life can be worlds apart. For example, if you want to have sex every day yet your partner is the once a week type then it may not work. The sudden and spontaneous desire can fade and to sync it may not be easy if you have different libidos.


sexrightshdjfkghjSome couples may differ in preference like one would want to try sex toys when the other is not interested. Sex toys can spice up things in the bedroom are improve sex skills. You should gently tell your partner that you want to try sex toys and be clear to them that you are satisfied with them as your partners. You can exchange this with a favor that your partner will enjoy.

For your sex life to rekindle, you need to single out these problems and find possible solutions or at least agree on the way forward.